Slot Tips

Slot Tips

The following is a discussion about various slots strategies when playing slots:

The first slot tip is just commonsense, but it can save your wallet. Playing the slots is gambling, and gamblers take risks. But why not reduce your risk? Don’t you look inside a bookcover before buying a book? The same applies to slots. One sure and tested way of never losing your shirt is to ensure that you always walk away a winner or that you don’t lose too much.

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. If you play slots, you must have complete control and concentration. Look at your watch to see when you started playing. Pace yourself. Then look again periodically. Most casinos don’t have clocks. This is not an accident, this is by design to disorient you. They want you to lose self-control and to keep playing. Remember that a casino is a business, not a game. However, if you give yourself a time limit, then you empower yourself, not the casino. See how much you’re up or down after say, an hour. If you’re not winning jackpots relative to what you’re putting in, walk away. This is the key point I want to make. You must be disciplined and exert self-control – over your mind and wallet.

This slot tip is sure to save you aggravation and annoyance. Always check the payback table posted on the front of the machine to see what is being paid for playing a certain number of coins that the slot machine will take.

This slot tip relates to slot tip number 2. Check the payout table on the slots. Some slot cycles pay for 3 lemons or certain symbols only. The first coin may pay on a limited set of combinations. The next coin may pay on the next sequence, and the third coin may pay on any combination. Read the table on the slot and get to know the slot cycle.

This slot tip concerns payouts or credits. Check the button on the slots that determines payout schedule. It will either give you a credit or toss change into the slot bin. Be sure to cash in all your credits before finishing your playing at the slots. If you need help, ask one of the attractive slots attendants nearby.

This slot tip also relates to jackpots. How do you get paid? If the jackpot is sizeable, it is normally paid by a slots attendant. The more common smaller jackpot is paid by the slots. Never leave your slots until you’ve got all your loot. If you leave, and someone else just happens to be there before the slots has emptied fully, you may not even be aware that you had loot coming to you. Guess what the flippin’ biggest slots jackpot was? It was close to $28,000,000 won in a casino hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. WOW!!!

This slot tip can avoid some confusion. Sometimes the slot machine can go into what is called in the biz, ‘a tilt mode’. What this means is that the slots doesn’t have adequate coins in its bin and it will generally release coins very slowly. When this occurs, just call a slots attendant and ask that the slot machine be adjusted. Stay there until the situation is rectified. The slots will be reset and then you will be able to see how many coins are inside and how much is going to be paid out.

This slot tip is sure to save you time. When playing the bigger slots that have 4 or 5 lines, or the progreessive slot machine, make sure that you insert the correct number of coins. If you don’t, then you can’t win. I have seen many slots players look baffled when three oranges come up, and there is no clanging bell.

This slot tip is from my own experience. When you get change for the slots, tip the tellers. They just might give you a slot tip of their own like which machine is ready to blow…

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